Project 3

For project 3 of my painting class, our painting must tell a story or describe part of a story.  The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson is about a mermaid who falls in love with the human man she had saved from the sea.  She is very sad upon finding out about his pending marriage to a human woman.  My painting is about that moment of realization that she is not the woman he loves.  I put her figure sitting upon a cliff with her head lowered in dejection.  The setting of this scene is in part taken from Howard Pyle’s painting The Mermaid.  Pyle died in 1911 before completing his beautifully haunting mermaid shown embracing a human as he leans over her body rising out of the surf.  The moon shines in the background casting it’s glow on the couple.   My thought is Howard Pyle may have had Hans Christian Anderson’s story The Little Mermaid, first published in 1837, in mind when he was working on the mermaid painting he unfortunately could not finish.  Pyle is known for his illustrations of many famous stories.  So, I am putting my interpretation of The Little Mermaid  in a setting similar to that of Pyle’s mermaid.


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