Rinko Kawauchi emulation

I decided to do this project based on the Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi. Rinko takes pictures of everyday life but is not the average picture. “They are generally light in tone, yet somehow dark in mood. They are almost hallucinatory, yet seem to capture something fundamental about the psychological mood of modern life.” (Garry Badger). Her pictures have a lot of bright relaxing colors such as bright blues, pinks, and yellows. There is some what of a dark feeling hidden in the undertone of the picture but the bright relaxing colors mask this dark feeling. You have to give her pictures a good look to notice the deeper meaning in it. For her style of photography she uses a lot of natural light. In the pictures the natural light is very subtle but other times it’s like piercing through and catches the eye right away. Her work is mostly classified as serene poetic style. “Rinko Kawauchi works in series, which, in the form of open narratives, combine poetry and emotion with representations of mortality and occasional melancholy.” . “Her photographs attain their specific quality through her use of cropping and choice of perspective” (priskapasquer.com). Rink shoots her pictures in a 6×6 format. She likes to explore photography in the mundane of every day things but adds life to them. Because she thinks life is to full of mundane things to be boring. She puts a somewhat of a redemption on the mundane. The “fundamental cycles of life” Rinko calls it. Doing this type of photography is how she became a known photographer especially in the Japanese community since her work is usually everyday things a Japanese person see. Such as the flowers, the buildings, and the people. Rinko wants the viewer to personally respond with their own views and emotions of the piece and also see the photograph through the eyes of the photographer. larger.jpg



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2. Garry Badger on Rinko Kawauchi’s book “Utatane” (Siesta), in: Martin Parr, Gerry

Badger: The Photobook: A History, volume II, 2006, p. 316.

3. Illuminance_eg

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URL: http://www.rinkokawauchi.com/main/Illuminance_eg.htmuntitled-186-3.jpg


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