Jeff Wall

Out of all modern-day photographers Jeff Wall must be the most unique out of them all. Jeff Wall was born in Vancouver, Canada where he currently resides and where all his work is based out of. His style isn’t only revolutionary, it’s caused many to see him as less of the photographer that he is. His techniques typically include things such as setting up shots as opposed to going out into the world and finding things to take pictures of and taking them in such a unique way that many see him as a false artist in many regards. His most famous work was The Destroyed Room shot in 1978, this work depicted a room in complete disarray and chaos with women’s clothes strewn about the floor while the mattress was slashed, wallpaper was coming off and the only window had tape over it forming an “X”. The photo invokes a sense of worry and mystery to the viewer, not only because of what happened to the room or the girl who may have lived there, this photo sets itself apart by being self-aware. To the right are the ballasts that were utilized to hold the room’s walls in place, this makes one wonder not only what happened in the room but what is happening outside of it. Another famous work that Mr. Wall took was A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai). This photo depicts a leaning tree seemingly from a storm with four people places beneath the tree in the middle of a rural field. All the people are dressed rather nicely and one of them has lost all the papers that he was trying to hold onto to the wind. The emotions that this photo conveys is a feeling of fleeting hope as nature itself is bending to the destructive forces of the wind as well as the businessmen who are losing their hard-earned works to the wind. This photo wasn’t only staged but also altered, he put the people that are scattered around into the photo in an after effect.  The main thing that Jeff Wall is trying to say through his work is that he is not like the other photographers out there, that he as opposed to falling in line and making art from things he’s found outside like regular photographers he leans more towards a painter in this regard. A photographer takes images from the world around them but Jeff uses the world as a canvas like a painter, he’s directly influencing what he wants to be conveyed like a painter as opposed to a typical photographer who chances across their art or waits until just the right time. Therefore, the art world considers him so valuable, because he strays away from what almost all photographers consider the main way of art form and breaks the mold to use the picture as a canvas and paint what he wants to convey.

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