ZStremmel Emulation


Edward Weston is known as one of the most famous photographers of the twentieth century. Out of his amazing forty years of photography he has been called “ one of the most innovative and influential photographers of the twentieth century”. His work consist of portraits, landscapes, nudes, still lifes, and many other different types of photographs but all in black and white. Weston was born in chicago then he later moved to California at the tender age twenty one. He would then pursue his career in photography but soon realize that he needed more professional training.
For the picture I chose to use was his famous pepper no. 33. Just like all of westons photo graphs this is in black and white. My personal description of this piece is deformed pepper in black and white setting. I thought this picture was really interesting due to the fact that I originally thought he was taking a picture of a glass piece but when I found out that it was an pepper I was weirded out at first but then thought damn how cool. I still have questions of like how could a pepper be that deformed in the way it looks like a deformed hand.
The way I interpret all of Weston’s pieces mainly his still life’s are abstract it probably doesn’t make sense in any way at all but it makes sense to me and I have no clue but I’m going to try and explain how and why my brain thinks about his photography that way. If I had to take a guess im pretty sure I would say the main reason why I think his photographs are abstract is mainly in the composition and the objects or items he uses. You might hate me but I am gonna keep on going back to the deformed pepper I don’t know how on earth a pepper looks that way but it does and there’s probably a million ways he could have gone about shooting that one single deformed pepper. I try to challenge myself in my photography and see how I can take that one subject and make it as if it is a completely different picture. By technicality it really is but When you look at two different pictures it should fee and look completely different and that is why I am shocked at how many different ways he could have taken that picture but of all angles he chose the one he did. In his forty years of his career in the world of photography ths deformed pepper is honest to god my favorite photograph of his and my favorite photograph period. He is truly the best photographer of the twentieth century. You can not compare him to any other photographer because he has his own style and no one could possibly replicate his style to make it look like his own work. Sorry if I went into it too much.my deformed pepper


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