Jay Work of Art

20170422_001609_rmeditedNadav Kander

    My research is about Nadav Kander. I pick him because of his great work in photography. He use his artistic skill to create his versions of photography. He is a London based photographer, artist and director. He is known for his portraiture and landscapes. He produced a number of books. His work exhibited widely. He had received an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society in 2015, won the Prix Pictet and a World Press Photo award and his work work is included in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery.

   On January 18 2009 Kander had 52 full colour portraits published in one issue of The New York Time Magazine. These portraits were of the people surrounding US President Barack Obama, from Joe Biden (Vice President) to Eugene Kang (Special Assistant to The President). This is the largest portfolio of work by the same photographer The New York Times Magazine has showcased in one single issue.

     Now why do I like his work? I like his work because he can make a an ordinary photo from the chest up into something beautiful. I love to death and Dark Shadows that he had to his photos. I also love the plain background it make the person in the photo pop out more. It show that it mostly about that person. The photo that produce it shows that some of the photos is serious and some of the photos are more creative. Tell that some up most of the photos have its own meaning to it this is what I love about his photography have meaning they have a purpose and not know playing photo it’s just a creative and work of art. This is why I chose to research about him and he also inspire me to do more photos like this. Is a talented artist, photographer. And I hope one day I can do photography like.



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