Digital Photography Final Reminders

Happy last week of classes, Digital Photographers!

Below are some need-to-know reminders to finish out the semester successfully.

For next class, please bring:

  1. Your camera and accessories to check in. If you do not return all equipment, SCC may hold you financially responsible including putting a hold on your student account. Please make sure you have your:
    • camera body
    • lens
    • lens cap
    • battery
    • memory card
    • camera strap
    • battery charger
    • USB cable
    • camera case with strap
    • instruction manual
    • tripod

  2. Your hard drive with all your images for the semester. I will be selecting and copying about two dozen digital files for a Fall 2017 show in the library featuring our class!

  3. OPTIONAL: if you want to reformat your hard drive for use with a PC bring a secondary storage method such as a flash drive or an online storage account. You will need to copy your photographs onto this secondary storage before reformatting, which erases the drive.

  4. OPTIONAL: food for yourself or to share. I’ll be bringing a few brunchy-type items like cinnamon rolls and sausage muffins. Feel free to contribute something or just come hungry!

  5. Your finished final project of 5–7 narrative images printed and trimmed. Need more info? Details are linked below.

Tell Me a Story: Final Project Due May 5

“Lost” (from “Dwellings”) by Libby Rowe

Your final project is due AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS on Friday, May 5. That means your images are shot, processed and printed. We will critique first thing, and any assignments not ready will receive a zero.  Many of you were not in class this past week, so you have your work cut out for you.

Of course, we have discussed what this project entails, but some of you requested a reminder. Therefore, I have therefore written out guidelines, which are attached here: ART 205 Final Project Specs.

Although much of the work for this project can be done at home, those of you who didn’t print last class will need to access the Mac classroom during open lab hours. Leave yourself ample time, since printing can be time consuming, especially if you have to wait your turn to access one of our two photo printers. Epson Ultra Premium Luster Paper for our class is on the corner of the instructor’s desk by the telephone. Please use only what you need so we don’t run out.

Can’t remember how to print? Guides are linked below and are also available as paper copies next to the relevant computer stations.

Printing Instructions

Epson P600
This printer is connected to the instructor station and works for color or black and white.

Epson P400
This printer is connected to the computer in the front left corner of the classroom and works for color or black and white, though the P600 does a bit better at black and white.

Open Lab Hours in Contini 213

Mondays from 4:30–7:00 pm
Tuesdays from 2:30–5:15 pm
Thursdays from 2:30–5:15 pm

It may be possible for you to access the lab at other times, but it is at the discretion of the instructors who are holding class at any given time. If you want work, please ask politely before a particular class begins. Do not interrupt someone’s instruction to inquire.

Additional Help

For those who need additional help, I will come in during open lab time on Tuesday, May 2 from 2:30–4:30 p.m. You are also welcome to e-mail questions or progress shots.



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