Contour Still Life by ART104: Drawing

The first at-home project in ART104: Drawing this semester was a contour still life. Students had to include at least three items from a provided list and use only lines of varying qualities to render them interestingly and convincingly. It’s quite a challenge, really: creating an engaging drawing without relying on value or color. Click the images for a larger view.

By Anne Scaramazza

By Gianluca Catalini

By Rob Schoenfeld

By Dan Sullivan


Website Mock-ups by CGA140: Web Design

For their first project, my Fall 2016 Web Designers redesigned the website for Pop’s Water Ice, a South Philadelphia institution that sadly boasts an online presence so dated it looks like it wears hand-me-downs from Myspace. The students made multi-page mock-ups in Photoshop, and oh what glorious improvement! Check out a few of the shiny new home pages below. Click the images to see a larger view.

Photoshop Mock-up for Redesigned by Yazmin Garcia-Torres

Photoshop Mock-up for Redesigned by Crista Nauta

schmid_display01Photoshop Mock-up for Redesigned by Jessica Schmid

Photoshop Mock-up for Redesigned by Kristhie Alacazar

Monotype by ART140: Printmaking

Monotype is a process of rolling, brushing or wiping ink on a smooth plate, and then transferring the result to paper to create rich, painterly prints. Click the images to see a larger view.

Series of Three Flex Plate/Stencil Monotypes by Skyler Amburg

Flex Plate Monotype (Ghost Print) by Billy Bollinger

Traced Monotype by Diane Mulford

20161023_bachman_stacyAdditive Monotype by Stacy Bachman

Traced Monotype (top) and Offset Traced Monotype (bottom) by Erin Allbritton