Figure Drawing

Welcome to Figure Drawing at Salem Community College
Spring Semester 2017

This is your home page for ART130: Figure Drawing, section E1. Below are links to your course syllabus and the course blog, which is updated regularly and can also be accessed anywhere on this site by selecting “Figure Drawing Blog” from the “Categories” menu. Please bookmark the blog page so you can easily check back and stay up-to-date.

Using the WordPress Site
Tips on how to get started posting on the class blog.

Course Blog
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Homework Assignments
A link to an archive of past homework assignments for ART130: Figure Drawing.

Project Guidelines
Guidelines for all projects assigned to date in ART130: Figure Drawing

Syllabus for ART130: Figure Drawing
A downloadable PDF version of the syllabus for our section of ART130: Figure Drawing will be uploaded the first week of classes.

Student Supply List for ART130
Coming soon: a hyperlinked list of items for student purchase.

SCC General Institutional Guidelines for Art 130
SCC’s general course guidelines and learning outcomes for ART130: Figure Drawing.