Welcome to Painting at Salem Community College
Spring Semester 2017

This is your home page for ART105: Painting. Below are useful links and information for the course.

Using the WordPress Site
Tips on how to get started interacting with the blog for ART105: Painting, which is the portion of this website updated weekly.

Course Blog
Link to the regularly updated course blog. Bookmark this and check in regularly.

Homework Assignments
A link to an archive of past homework assignments for ART105: Painting.

Painting Tutorials
Step-by-step instructions that have been posted for various painting processes

Project Guidelines
Guidelines for all projects assigned to date in ART105: Painting.

Creativity Journal
The Creativity Journal project, which is required for Painting, is adapted from cartoonist and educator Lynda Barry. Her illustrated instructions may give you some ideas (though you should ignore her grading scale and quotas, since we’re doing our own thing).

Syllabus for for Art 105: Painting
A downloadable PDF version of the syllabus for our section of ART105: Painting.

Student Supply List for Art 105: Painting
A hyperlinked list of items for student purchase.

SCC General Institutional Guidelines for Art 105
SCC’s general course guidelines and learning outcomes for ART105: Painting.

Elkins, James, What Painting Is (introduction)